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Lea Grinberg, MD, PhD

Lea Grinberg, MD, PhD

Associate Professor at Memory and Aging Center

Dr. Grinberg is a neuropathologist specializing in brain aging and associated neurodegenerative disorders. She received her medical and doctorate degrees in São Paulo, Brazil. Currently, Dr. Grinberg is an Associate Professor at the UCSF Memory and Aging Center and leads an international initiative to develop a pipeline, using high-resolution histology, to improve and validate multimodal neuroimaging tools. She is has served as Chair of the HUPO Brain Proteome Project, and was the recipient of the UNESCO-L’Oréal Award For Women in Science as well as the John Douglas French Alzheimer Foundation Distinguished Research Scholar Award.

Research Overview:

Computational approaches to imaging the human brain at the macro and micro level
The Grinberg Lab processes whole human brains for state-of-the-art quantitative histological analysis, digitize all of the results, and precisely registers to MRI. They are developing advanced tools for analysis of microscopic images that enable more comprehensive and higher-throughput studies of human brain tissue.

Computational health science interests: