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Christina Yau, PhD

Christina Yau, PhD

Associate Professor of Surgery

Dr. Yau is an Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery with extensive experience developing biomarkers of response and prognosis in the translational setting. Dr Yau developed the standardized analysis approach for biomarker evaluation in the I-SPY 2 trial for high-risk early stage breast cancer. She co-led the Bioinformatics and Statistics core that evolved I-SPY 2 into I-SPY 2.2 to enable response-guided treatment adaption using a sequential multiple assignment randomized trial design. In addition to her work on developing biomarker-informed, patient-centered clinical trial designs, she is an active member of the NCI’s Center for Cancer Genomics Genome Data Analysis Network and serve on the statistics team of the WISDOM trial.

Research Overview:

Developing biomarker-informed patient-centered clinical trial designs to improve outcomes and minimize toxicity
My research focuses on identifying predictive biomarkers of response and refining clinical trial endpoints. The goal is to develop patient-centered, biomarker-informed clinical trial designs to identify novel regimens that improve outcomes while minimizing toxicity for early stage breast cancer patients.

Computational health science interests: