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Param Priya Singh

Assistant Professor of Anatomy

Param earned his M.S. in bioinformatics from university of Pune. He worked as a Software Engineer on clinical data warehousing and management before doing Ph.D. from Institute Curie in Paris. During Ph.D. he developed new computational and analytical approaches to study the origin of diseaseassociated genes in the human genome. His postdoctoral work at Stanford University has been focused on developing a short-lived African killifish as a rapid model to study aging and age-related diseases. Param joined the Department of Anatomy and Bakar Aging Research Institute in 2023. His lab is focused on using integrative genomics, single cell approaches, and data analysis to decode gene regulation during vertebrate diapause, aging and agerelated diseases.

Research Overview:

The Singh Lab employs multidisciplinary approaches that integrate computational genomics and experimental strategies to decode gene regulation that underlie aging, age-related disease and a form of suspended animation called diapause. We use the shortest-lived vertebrate in captivity, the African killifish, as our primary model system, and also develop novel approaches to bridge the translational gap between human and animal model systems.

Computational health science interests: