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Katherine S. Pollard, PhD

Katherine S. Pollard, PhD

Professor of Biostatistics; Director, Gladstone Institute of Data Science and Biotechnology

Katherine received her PhD and MA in Biostatistics from UC Berkeley under the supervision of Mark van der Laan. Her research there included developing computationally intensive statistical methods for analysis of microarray data, with applications in cancer biology. She then did a postdoc with Sandrine Dudoit. Katherine developed Bioconductor open source packages for clustering and multiple hypothesis testing. In 2003, she began a comparative genomics NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship with David Haussler and Todd Lowe at UC Santa Cruz. She was part of the consortium that published the sequence of the Chimpanzee Genome, and identified the fastest evolving regions in the human genome. In 2005, Katherine joined the faculty at the UC Davis Genome Center and Department of Statistics. She moved to UCSF in 2008.

Research Overview:

Developing statistical and computational methods for the analysis of massive genomic datasets
Dr. Pollard’s group aims to identify specific DNA alterations that are responsible for novel functionality, such as variation in gene expression.

Computational health science interests: