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A Jay Holmgren, PhD

A Jay Holmgren, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Dr. Holmgren is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine and the Center for Clinical Informatics and Improvement Research (CLIIR). He earned his BA in History and Masters of Health Informatics from the University of Michigan and his PhD in Health Policy from Harvard University. Dr. Holmgren is an expert on the use of digital tools in health care delivery, and his research focuses on the impact of information technology on patients, clinicians, and health care organizations.

Research Overview:

Holmgren’s research is on information technology and digital health. He is interested in the ways that information technology affects patients, providers, and health care organizations. Methodologically, he is primarily a quantitative social scientist, applying techniques developed in economics and statistics to medicine, including the use of natural experiments to identify causal effects from observational data. Much of his current work is on the use of electronic health records in care delivery organizations. 

Computational health science interests: